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TRIBE 99 was launched in 2016 as an all-encompassing community that is supportive, artistic, and fosters a deep love of dance. Since then, TRIBE 99 has made a mark in the dance team world through choreography and by creating uncharted opportunities. In addition to choreography and consulting, Choreo-Connect, a choreography agency, was created in 2017 to connect clients with experienced, professional and reliable choreographers in the dance industry. Nationwide events include The Dance Combine and THE TOUR, providing talented, aspiring dancers the opportunity to be recruited by college programs and receive top notch training at an advanced level.

| TRIBE 99 stands for creativity, innovation, and always values people over profit. |

The TRIBE experience delivers an elite level of service to all clients and is intently designed to educate and impact the lives of each individual and team uniquely. At the core, TRIBE 99 is committed to developing authentic, enduring relationships that promote a collaborative environment while pushing clients to maximize their ultimate potential.


My personal dance journey began long before the official launch of TRIBE in 2016. Let me tell you, it has been a fun and wild ride!

Starting at the young age of 3, I had the honor of training at the Tri Cities Academy of Ballet and competing with the renowned Eastern Washington Elite dance program in Richland, WA. I was diversely trained in many styles including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theater and pom. Through 15 years of competing at UDA Nationals and eventually the USASF Dance Worlds, I gained an extensive knowledge about our industry and it grew my passion for the entire dance team community. Starting around 14, I began as a choreographer for small recital routines and as an assistant teaching younger classes in the studio.

I quickly knew I wanted to make a career out of dance.

As a college freshman, I danced for the Washington State University Crimson Girls. I loved being a part of the COUG family, but I wanted to go after my dream of dancing professionally. I made a fast move to Los Angeles in 2011, where I learned a lot about myself as a dancer and a choreographer. By the age of 19, my choreography career started to take off and I began to work with nationally competitive programs. I got hired as a consultant for the University of Cincinnati Dance Team and quickly realized I wanted to make that program my new home to finish my college education.

During my 3 years with the UC Dance Team, I was part of two D1A Hip-Hop National Championships (UDA) and competed 3 times as part of TEAM USA at the ICU Championships. I had the pleasure of choreographing or assisting on all of our nationals routines while on the team, which really helped catapult my choreography career. After graduating, I stayed on as an assistant coach for the UC program, while I finished my Masters Degree in Criminal Justice. 

In 2016, I made the move to Atlanta to continue pursing my commercial dance career. Within 2 months of living in ATL, I booked my first commercial dance job as a "New Bella" in the movie "Pitch Perfect 3". This is just one small example of why I preach... "everything happens for a reason.” I've also been lucky enough to land some incredible dance jobs including, Step Up: High-Water, Empire on FOX, Love Simon, and Ciara’s “Dose” Music Video. I still reside in ATL where my consist of managing TRIBE 99 and auditioning and working on commercial dance jobs. Balancing competitive dance and commercial dance, while running a company, can be stressful, but I believe it has made me the diverse dancer I am today. I spend most of my days now traveling the globe, teaching intensives, speaking at conferences, or choreographing for some of the dance team industry's most renowned teams.

I value integrity and authenticity. I try to lead with these core values everyday in hopes to build a company that stands for what I was raised to believe in. My mom, Teri Rowe, was my coach, mentor and teacher growing up. Though we definitely had our difficult moments and our occasional mother-daughter power struggles (many of them), I admit she is the best coach I ever had and is THE reason I am doing what I am today! Her commitment to improve the dance team world through teaching and mentoring has and still is evident in everything she does. These qualities and values were instilled into me at a very young age. In many ways I feel that TRIBE 99 is my way of adding to her legacy, and working to give the dance community the invaluable lessons and training that she gave so many of her dancers. 

I have seen dance through many different lenses (college dancer, commercial dancer, coach, choreographer and consultant). I believe that these "lenses" give me a unique perspective and have allowed me, with the help of MANY talented people along the way, to create a brand and company that stands out and will hopefully make a lasting impact in our dance industry.