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TRIBE 99 emerges as a company who seeks to inspire and change the lives of dancers across the globe. We exist to build confidence and push beyond limits. We are filled with passion for creating, connecting and encouraging the next generation of dancers. The integrity and service given to each client is unrivaled. We see a future beyond one job and ensure that clients love being a part of our TRIBE.



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I’m Carsen!

My story begins in Richland, WA where I grew up playing sports, running around with my two older brothers and of course living in the dance studio since 3 years old. My dance journey has been a long and crazy ride but I wouldn’t change a thing. I am a firm believer in the not so unique statement, “everything happens for a reason.” These “reasons” have landed me here today, where I am able to own my own business, travel the globe teaching/choreographing/speaking, and meet the most amazing people that I am lucky to call my TRIBE.