TRIBE 99 is truly unstoppable as a choreography team. Their passion is evident from the moment of your first conversation with them. Not only have they given us incredible National Championship winning choreography, but they have made my team better dancers and performers on every level. Their true commitment to our success has been invaluable to me as a coach. In my 20-plus year coaching career they have been one of my biggest blessings!”
— Coach Todd Sharp, Floyd Central Dazzlers & University of Louisville Ladybirds

We discovered TRIBE 99 when looking for a new style of innovative choreography to transform our Pom program. It was a program that always “almost” made it and never went all the way. Watching TRIBE 99 create as a team is something you can’t describe, because the unfolding of creativity, innovation and pure genius reveals itself in every moment of the dance; it was as if every movement was made custom for our team. Other choreography experiences can seem like a recycling and restructuring of ideas, but with TRIBE 99, every count is executed with thoughtfulness inspired by unique vision. This passion and professionalism earned us our first National titles and it is evident in watching other teams they have choreographed for that they do not discriminate in their effort, passion and desire for their teams to succeed.
— Nikki Lazzaretto, Coach-Lake Forest High School Varsity Dance Team

When my team was preparing their participation at the University Worlds, I wanted my girls to train with someone who could share useful tips with them, and raise their confidence to make them give their best performance on the stage. And we were so blessed to have TRIBE 99 help us during our Worlds journey. We had just one cleaning session with them, but they were so inspirational and their tips and resources were so powerful, that we still talk about them in our trainings and even had them as reference for achieving new levels of awesomeness. I’m fortunate enough to keep counting with them as my choreography consultants, and I’m confident their assistance will help bringing my teams and my job as coach to the next level.
— Margarita Jimenez, Coach- Monash University Cheerleading Club (Australia)

I loved working with TRIBE 99 last year for our jazz routine- they’re not only prepared, but one of the things we value most about our relationship with them is how much they care about our girls and our program. I truly felt as though they catered the choreography specifically for our team and built the confidence in the girls by their constant encouragement and support.
— Alysia Ulfers, Coach- University of St. Thomas

Working with TRIBE 99 has been an amazing experience for our team! Their individual dance abilities and accomplishments have given them each the courage to put their vision out there for the world to see. They bring a unique and inspired dance to our team each and every time they work with them and their ability to motivate & encourage is second only to their ability to actually TEACH our girls how to execute their vision. Being able to demonstrate and physically show our dancers what they want always helps our group of visual learners. When you add in their gift of musicality you end up with a finished product that everyone is proud of. They are passionate about what they are doing and it is contagious - we love them!”
— Theresa & Jill, Coaches- Seton High School

Working with TRIBE 99 was such an amazing experience. My team loved having them as part of our family and they played a huge part in our successful season. They are both very professional, respectful, and passionate about what they do and we were lucky to have them! Their choreography is unique and always stands out at competition.
— Faymie, Coach-Cherry Creek High School

TRIBE 99 is such a joy to work with. Not only are they incredible choreographers but also mentors and role models. Our girls are so inspired by their talent, work ethic and who they are as women. They work with your schedule and needs as a team, making sure to deliver their very best product. Regardless of your teams ability level, they instill faith and confidence in every single member on the floor. They challenge your team to meet their potential through their choreography. After their work is done, TRIBE 99 doesn’t stop. They stay in contact with the team and coaches giving support, guidance and encouragement throughout the season. They remember big events for your team and send out words of encouragement. We truly are so grateful to have such amazing women working with our program. TRIBE 99 have inspired our girls to reach their fullest potential.
— Lindsey Beck, Coach-Lake Washington Dance

This was our first year having TRIBE 99 choreograph for us and we were more than pleased with the routine they produced. As a coach it was important for my team to have choreography that showcased their strengths, and also challenge them to be better dancers and grow as a team, and that’s exactly what TRIBE 99 gave us. It was great to see how excited the girls were about the choreography as they were learning their parts, and I think that also has to do with the enthusiasm and passion that TRIBE 99 bring to their work! We also loved how involved they were with our team while preparing for competition. TRIBE 99 made sure to follow up through the videos we sent them, made music changes when needed, and helped reform or tweak choreography if something wasn’t working out. I also really appreciated the motivation they gave the girls before we competed and how they truly believed in them and the piece that they choreographed. We consider them apart of our family here at WSU and we could not move in the direction we are going without the two of them!
— Kaila Wallace, Coach- WSU Crimson Girls