Work directly with us to create a customized dance intensive schedule for your team. Choose between a 1-5 day format and combine a variety of elements to create exactly what you want.


Game Routines are 1:00-1:30 minute routines to a high energy, crowd-appealing music edit. Staged, layered and performance ready. Any style of your choice (Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz, Kick).


Combos are typically a 30-45 second piece that challenges style, excites dancers and pushes athletes out of their comfort zones. Any style of your choice (Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Kick).


Tell us how long you want these classes, how many and what exactly you are looking for! We will push athletes using new and innovated technique drills. (Hip Hop, Jazz, Pom, Kick, Ballet).


Ever crammed into a tiny space and asked to performance for a special event? These 1 min routines, with no floor work, and no transitions, are made to do in tight spaces to solve your problems!


Sidelines are 4x8 count, super visual combos that can be any style of your choice (Hip Hop, Jazz, or Pom). We will customize these to go to any tempo that the band plays or any song.


Ever find your team needing big and visual movement between sidelines? Diddy’s (up to 2x8) are short, cute and fun. These eight counts can ease transitions from sideline to sideline.

Have a question or anything we missed? Contact us for information on customizing a special intensive request.