After years of choreographing and working with teams, we have finally decided to put a name to our craft. We created TRIBE 99 to educate dancers, promote creativity and spread our passion throughout the globe. We have been working intently at giving the best experience to each client from initial contact through the final competition day. It is time to introduce a brand that embodies what we believe in and stand for.

Our focus is intently designed to educate and impact the lives of each athlete we work with. The main goal throughout our choreography career has been to give back to the younger generation. We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with the dancers, coaches and programs that we work with. By helping tear down insecurities, we push these programs out of their comfort zones to maximize their potential. Choose TRIBE 99 to get a challenging, yet rewarding experience



1999 marks a meaningful year for us. It’s not only the year we met, but also the year that our lifelong friendship and partnership began. Starting at ages 3 and 5, we have thirty-eight years combined of formal dance training in jazz, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, musical theatre, pom and cheer. From Richland, WA, we constantly challenged ourselves by taking workshops, master classes and eventually spending our entire summer breaks training in Los Angeles.

We are most known for our years dancing on Eastern Washington Elite All-Star Dance Team, University of Cincinnati Dance Team and Team USA Dance. We started professionally choreographing in 2008, and have been making a mark in the dance team world ever since. We are known for dynamic musicality, creativity and originality. Though we work with dozens of teams, our choreography is customized to bring out the best in every program.

We decided to launch TRIBE 99 with the vision of having a community that is supportive, all-encompassing and artistic. Each TRIBE client is a part of a bigger dance community that fosters a deep love of dance.



Country girl, fierce competitor, family first, sparkle and pink lover, diet coke infatuated, Taylor Swift devotee and ready to expand our TRIBE.


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